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Phase (1, 2, 3) Gen kVA Voltage Required Ampere

Generator Size to Start Motors

Instructions: You only need to fill in the columns coloured in Yellow. Fill in the HP of the motor(s) in their starting squence, select the start method (Direct On Line or Star Delta) and press the 'Calculate Requirements' button. The required generator size will then be displayed at the bottom.

3 Phase (415 volt @ 50Hz)
1 Phase (240 volt @ 50Hz)
Starting Sequence Motor HP Start Method DOL / StarDelta Run Variable Phase Current Starting Value Total Run Current Total Start Current
1 /
2 /
3 /
4 /
5 /
6 /

Generator Size for Starting with: kVA*
Generator Size for Running with: kVA*
Generator Size Recommended: kVA*