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Multi Tyre Vib 10t
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This machine does the work of 1 x 8 ton twin drum & 2 x Standard Multi Tyre Rollers. The multiplier effect of the kneading action and vibration of tires improves the sealing performance of compacted road surface. The all wheel drive and center pin steering mechanism have been provided for Pneumatic Tired Rollers for the first time, permitting operation on sites with severe working conditions. When the vibrating stage is 3rd. or 4th. the compacting force is bigger than 25-ton Pneumatic Tired Rollers on asphalt and soil compaction.

Dimensions (mm)  
Tyre width 2000
Weight (kg)  
Operating weight, CECE 10000
Manufacturer ISUZU"DD-4BG1T"
Type 300
Grad Ability  
  38% (21Deg)
Frequency, Hz 40
Amplitude, mm 1,2
Centrifugal force, kN 8 - 58

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