in four great locations - Bundaberg - Marybourgh - Hervey Bay - Gympie
Mesh Fencing
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Available with pedestrian and vehicle gates, hand rails and signage.

Height of Building (m) Proposed Line Angle
75° 30° 15°
3m 0.8m 5.2m 11.2m
4m 1.1m 6.9m 14.9m
5m 1.3m 8.7m 18.7m
6m 1.6m 10.4m 22.4m
7m 1.9m 12.1m 26.1m
8m 2.1m 13.9m 29.9m
9m 2.4m 15.6m 33.6m
10m 2.7m 17.3m 37.3m
11m 2.9m 19.1m 41.1m
12m 3.2m 20.8m 44.8m
13m 3.5m 22.5m 48.5m
Solid hording Panels
Steel Fence 1.8m high 50x50 mesh
Steel Fence Standard Mesh